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JL Toiletry Pouch Bag | Shaving Dopp Kit (3 Sizes)

JL Toiletry Pouch Bag | Shaving Dopp Kit (3 Sizes) – Premium Travel Essentials Organizer for Men & Women with 3 Compartments, Wet & Dry Seperation, & Waterproof, Perfect for Accessories, Cosmetics, Personal Items, Shampoo, Body Wash

4.98 out of 5
  • More Options: It has three optional sizes to meet the needs of the average, light, and even the heavy packers.
  • Simple Appearance: Although it has a few pockets, it features a simple exterior design. If you like the stylish and simple design, this bag must be a nice option.
  • Three Compartment Bags: It helps you easily store and organize your essentials. What’s more, there’re three pockets for different sized items.
  • Waterproof Inside Out: It not only has a waterproof coating on its surface, but also a water-resistant layer inside one of the pockets, which can completely resist water and even prevent the foam from permeating.
  • Versatile Function: This multi-functional toiletry kit is perfect for you to pack everything you need whether you’re out for the day or away on a trip.
  • Useful Gift Giving: This durable, waterproof toiletry kit is an amazing gift for camping & college, as well as for business trips & leisure travels.

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